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Why Ads Important For Your Business

Why Ads Important For Your Business

ads come from word “advertising”. advertising is an element of business that attempts to shape or persuade the purchase decision of customers and potential clients. companies must establish their target market before starting on any advertising campaign.

defining the target market is important because it not only helps make advertising efforts more effective, but it also lets you identify opportunities to improve your products and help your business succeed.

What are the different types of advertising

Traditional advertising

traditional advertising delivers commercial messages and promotional information to mass audience. before there was-based advertising, business promoted their products and services through billboards, print advertising (newspaper, magazine), broadcast media (television, radio), and in-store displays


Modern advertising

modern technology has changed how companies do business. customers now rely on the internet to make buying decisions, have become more creative when it comes to promoting their brand.

advertising methods have changed how enterprises promote their products and service. nowadays, companies utilize both traditional advertising and new media to get ahead of the competition. here are some of the types of modern advertising through digital platforms, like email, blogs, social media


Why is advertising essential to all business

Boosts awareness of your brand

investing in advertising and marketing benefits your company by boosting awareness of your products and service. when your presence is not seen or felt by consumers, you risk losing potential customers, as well as existing clients. having said that, advertising plays a crucial role in increasing brand visibility and maintaining brand awareness.


Influences Consumer behavior

advertisements are essential to all kinds of businesses because it influences the thoughts and emotions of the viewers. ads are messages to existing customers and potential ones, and these messages can help shape your customers’ purchase decisions, so they should be relevant, valuable, and accurate to your brand.


Increases the company's revenue

your business relies on sales and profit to thrive. however, no one will buy a product or avail of service if people do not know that these things exist. even if you have the best service or product in the market, all will be in vain if you do not advertise what your company offers.

advertising boosts the visibility of your business and attracts customers to try your goods and services. an effective advertising campaign can increase sales and improve the company’s bottom line. if there’s one thing that will help a company grow and succeed over time, it’s sales and revenue.


Keeps your business relevant

a new business competitor can come out of the blue and grab your current customers from you. this can happen when your clients or potential customers rarely feel your presence. with the numerous options available to customers nowadays, it should be your goal to stay at the top of your target market’s mind.

utilize advertising to provide new and valuable information to your customers. a competitor can easily replace you if your clients forget what your company can offer. regular advertising through online channels and traditional methods is an excellent way to remind your customers why you are the better choice.


Improves the company's reputation

advertising is not just about creating exposure and awareness. it can also lift your brand image. advertising lets you share what the company is passionate about and how it benefits the community.

an excellent reputation is one of your company’s most valuable assets. while it is not possible to monitor feedback through traditional advertising, digital marketing and advertising efforts allow you to check what is being said about the company. advertising helps create a positive brand image with the right content and delivery.

Helps you build a loyal customer base

Meaningful advertisements capture not only the interest of customers, but these also bring them closer to your brand. A customer who understands and relates to the mission and vision of your company will likely becomes a loyal customer. Getting the attention of customers is so one thing, but retaining their interest in your brand is priceless.

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10 secrets designing social media ads

10 secrets designing social media ads

For business, social media is where connections are being made, which helps increase brand awareness. But the digital landscape is highly competitive, and business have to come up with ways to stay afloat. Users really don’t go to specific pages to search for new content. They discover new posts mostly through scrolling or ads. This mean you have a few seconds to catch their attention.

Here are 10 tips to designing beautiful and effective social media ads for your unique brand.


Everyone has a Creative Type. What’s yours?

Everyone has a Creative Type. What’s yours?

the creative types test is an exploration of the many faces of the creative personality by adobe create. based in psychology research, the test assesses your basic habits and tendencies. it evaluate on how you think, how you act, how you see the world. it help you better understand who you are as a creative.

these personality types aren’t black-and-white labels. think of them more as signposts pointing you toward your full creative potential. while there’s probably one core type that best describes you, you may change types at different points in your life and career, or even at different stages of the creative process. as a creative, you have a little bit of all eight types inside you. take the test now!

Google Auto Draw Turns Your Rough Scribbles Into Beautiful Icons For Free

Google Auto Draw Turns Your Rough Scribbles Into Beautiful Icons For Free

Auto-Draw is Google’s latest A.I. experiment is a web-based drawing tools. It converts your rough scribbles and doodles into beautiful, symmetrical icon/ clipart that you can download for free. It works on your phone, laptop, or tablet and use artificial intelligence to guess and suggest a more polished icon or symbol to replace your drawing.

Every Type of Facebook Ad You Should Use to Grow Your Business

Every Type of Facebook Ad You Should Use to Grow Your Business

facebook ads is an important way to connect with your audience on the world’s largest social network. it is great for your budget, conversion rates, and roi (return on investment). you only pay to reach the most potential customers.

facebook ads remain one of the most important components of social media marketing strategy. there’s a lot to figure out between formats, specifications, placements, objectives, and calls-to-action. therefore, it is important to understand the different facebook ad types and targeting options before you dive in if you want to get the best results.

10 Facebook ad types you should know

1- Image ads

image is a great way to get start your facebook advertising. you can create one by boosting an existing post with an image from your facebook page. all ads on facebook are required to have an image, because images are powerful. they’re the first things people will see when engaging with your ads.

tips for image ads

  • choose a compelling subject. arrangements, people, or displays are among the options recommended by facebook.
  • make quality a priority. no blurry, over or under exposed photos, and upload at the highest resolution possible.
  • try to use little or no image text when possible. facebook has found that images with less than 20 percent text perform better.
  • use facebook’s image text check tool to make sure you’ve got a good text-to-visual ratio.
  • avoid using too much text, especially in the thumbnail.

2- Video ads

video ads can run in news feed and stories. it can show your product in action. facebook research shows that people spend an average of five times longer with videos. video ads is the best at driving reach, engagement and conversions.

tips for facebook video ads

  • use thumbnail images and titles that will grab attention.
  • keep videos short and sweet. up to 47% of value in a video campaign is delivered in the first three seconds, versus 74% in the first 10 seconds.
  • optimize for mobile.
  • upload the highest resolution video available.
  • make your videos accessible with captions. captions can increase video view time.
  • create for sound off. most video ads in the mobile feed are played on mute.

3- Facebook slideshow ads

Slideshow ads bring the best of images and videos together. there are two reasons you may choose a facebook slideshow ad. first, if you’re on a tight timeline or budget, this format allows you to add eye-catching motion to multiple images. you can upload original photos, or select from facebook’s stock image library. second, if your audience locate somewhere with poor connection speeds, slideshows are a great alternative to video. you can simply upload it and select the stills you would like to use in slideshow format.

4- Facebook carousel ads

if you want to showcase a range of products or tell a story in parts, the carousel ad format may be the best fit. in this format, you can upload between two and 10 images or videos that users can swipe through.  carousel ads can appear in the mobile and desktop news feeds on facebook and instagram. they can be created from a page, event, and the ads manager. find step-by-step instructions on . how to create carousel ads here.

tips for carousel ads

  • take advantage of the format. use each slide to showcase a range, a series, or develop a narrative.
  • use images that complement each other. don’t choose visuals that clash aesthetically or tell an incoherent brand story.
  • show your best-performing carousel cards first—when it makes sense. if you’re using the format to tell a story, it’s best to keep them in order.
  • be creative. target used a facebook carousel ad to share a recipe idea for every day of the week.
  • consider spreading a single long image across a carousel ad. if you’re trying to communicate something mysterious, panoramic, or epic in scope, this can have a cool reinforcing effect. here’s how to make one.
  • check out facebook carousel’s creative examples page for inspiration.

5- Facebook collection ads

this ad format is ideal for online retailers hoping to convert interest into immediate sales. collection ads are the attention-grabbing news feed. it allows you to combine video, slideshow or images. it is designed to improve traffic, conversions, and sales for your business. most collection ad will feature a hero image or video alongside itemized product shots. when someone clicks on a collection ad, it will bring them to an immersive instant experience. to create a collection ad, follow this step-by-step guide. the different specifications for each template can be found here.

templates for collection ads include:

  • storefront: when you have four or more products to showcase. you can use this template as a mobile landing page when you want to drive people to your website or app to make a purchase.
  • lookbook: use the instant lookbook to tell a brand story, showcase your products, and inspire sales.
  • customer acquisition: use this template when you have specific conversion goal, like visits to your website or other actions.
  • storytelling: ideal for brand awareness and consideration objectives, use this template to tell your brand story to new customers. or, share a new story with pre-existing customers.

6- Facebook story ads

stories are full-screen images or videos that disappear after 24 hours . people may be familiar with instagram stories, but facebook stories are worth considering. more than half of the people who use stories across facebook, messenger, whatsapp, and instagram say that they are making more online purchases as a result.

in a recent study, facebook found that after seeing a product or service in stories:

  • 56% browsed the brand’s website to get more information
  • 50% looked for the product or services on websites that sell it
  • 38% talked to someone about the product or service
  • 34% visited a store to check out the product or service

7- Facebook messenger ads

Facebook messenger is the top mobile app. these messenger ads appear in a user’s inbox, and can be formatted as an image, carousel, and video. according to facebook, the best way to setup messenger ads is to use automatic placements. it send ads to the place most likely to have the best results at the lowest cost. these ads put people into direct conversation with your business. you can also send sponsored messages to customers your business has already spoken with on messenger. these will appear in the conversation thread of their inbox like any other message.

click here to learn how to setup messenger ads.

8- Facebook lead ads

we use lead ads such as newsletter subscriptions, quote requests, or event registration or a variety of customer. this is where you can tell people about your business, your offer, and explain why they should share their information with you.  contact information is pre-populated, which makes it easier for people to sign up and leads to minimal drop-off. custom questions can also be added to learn more about your audience. facebook lead ads can be created from your page or from ads manager. learn how to create one here.

facebook lead ad tips

  • keep it brief. long forms lead to lower conversion rates.
  • avoid open-ended questions. these questions are harder and take longer to answer, leading to more drop off. use multiple choice.
  • don’t provide too many choices. for multiple-choice questions, stick to around three to four options.
  • say thanks. add a custom “thank you” to show your appreciation.

9- Facebook dynamic ads

dynamic ads allow marketers to promote products from any catalog to people who have shown interest on your website, in your app, or other web. dynamic ads can be created in the image, carousel, or collection ad format. the key difference is that instead of creating individual ads for each product, dynamic ads allow you to create a template that automatically pulls images and information from your catalog. so, if a website visitor looked at a pair of shoes on your website, the dynamic ad will re-target them with the same information without you having to upload images and copy.

10- Facebook link ads

link ads have one clear goal: to get people to visit your website. every component of the link ad is clickable, so butterfingers or mouse slippages are not an issue. this may be why businesses using link ads on facebook have seen a 53 percent roi.

facebook link ad tips

  • choose a winning image. high quality, vibrant, clear photos always perform best.
  • prompt with crisp copy. a sharp headline and descriptive text will help inspire clicks.
  • include a cta button. choose from: shop now, learn more, sign up, book now and download.
  • describe the destination. tell your customers where their click will take them, that way they click with purpose.
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Build your business on Instagram

Build your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the great platform for business. it has over 1 billion monthly users. many brands are finding ways to interact with the instagram community. it bring you customers who are really related to your product.

Why do we need to build it ?

1. booting brand visibility:  it is helpful creative content, you can easily increase the number of brand mentions and make more people notice your brand.

2. great engagement: you know instagram is the king of social engagement.

3. visual marketing: with the right content you can easily put your brand ahead of the pack by making it easier for your target audience to share.

4. seo: it is search engine optimization is at the core of any marketing campaign.

How to use instagram for business

>> firstyou have to customize your business profile. it includes profile photo, website, bio, account name, username.  you can’t do much on instagram until you properly fill out your profile.

>> Secondyou have to adopt a mentality tribe. there are so many users and photos floating around on instagram. to be standing out might seem like an uphill battle. instead of worrying about boasting big numbers, it’s best to approach instagram for business with a sort of “tribe” mentality. start small, establish relationships and engage with others one-on-one. hashtags is an essentially act as a search function for instagram to find relevant followers and brands.

>> thirdlyyou have to plan public goal-driven content. there are so much diversity in terms of what you can post. instagram is about so much more than random selfies and snapshots. posts like this one from gopro are shining examples of goal-driven content in action.

on the top of that, you also have to craft your brand’s narratives. it is better way to captivate followers. the common sense of big brands on instagram is some sort of narrative. through imagery, they’re able to speak to the interests and desires of their audience.

Moreover, you have to show off your products by promoting whatever you have to sell. creativity counts on instagram unlike any other platform. diversifying your content strategy while also promoting your products. video content is popular on instagram right now. user-generated content in the form of customer photos can be some of your strongest marketing power. there’s a reason why even some of the biggest brands on instagram regularly regram photos from their followers’ feeds. last but not least, you have to tap to the power instagram ads. it’s much easier to get in front of people organically from instagram. although not a must do by any means, consider how instagram is continuously prompting new features for business.

you can utilize instagram ads for your business such as stories ads, collection ads, photo ads, ads in explore feed, video ads, and carousel ads.

>> stories ads

complement your feed content with ads on instagram stories. connect with over 500 million accounts using stories daily. learn more about stories ads and specs.

>> photo ads

tell your story through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas. photos can be in square or landscape format.

>> video ads

get the same visually immersive quality as photo ads, with the added power of sight, sound and motion. and now, you can share videos up to 120 seconds long in landscape or square format. 

>> Carousel ads

Add another layer of depth to campaigns, where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad.

 >> Collection ads

you can use collection to visually inspire and help your audience discover, browse and purchase products. tell an integrated story with a product or lifestyle focus, through video, images or both.

>> Ads in explore

reach people in a discovery mindset by extending your feed ads to audiences who are looking to expand their interests beyond the accounts they follow. learn more here, or get started straight away by creating your own ad.

Manage Your Social Media Post Effectively

Manage Your Social Media Post Effectively

How do you need social medias to promote your business without testing out? do you need to be on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, even snapchat to get noticed? there are kinds of questions that seek to become used to new situation with social medias.  the secret is all in your social medias manager.

1- Be focused

the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make it thinking they need to “ find” every social medias from facebook to pinterest to twitter.

in fact, many small businesses find success by focusing their business effort on their networks where they feel successful recruits customers. many restaurants and many shops flock to instagram. consultant can find success posting blogs on linkedin.

solution? think about your goals in terms of what network are most likely to align with them.

2- Automate

there are many reseource availible for automating the social medias marketing, including shopify, content studio, content pilot and any more. use them to schedule your update and see your performance analytics of your account. you can check out the top 15 social medias management tools here.

3- Track your influencers

A “mapping influencer” is a planning document that help you identify and manage the audience that will create an effective marketing campaign for social medias.

4- Track and Evaluate

you will want to regularly evaluate whether your social medias marketing activities are succeed or not. to do that, decide what you want to track new followers, likes, mentions, comments, etc.

5- Make time and Impairment

15 Mistakes startup make on social media that you can easily sidestep

15 Mistakes startup make on social media that you can easily sidestep

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for marketers to connect their online audience. given the rich data, businesses have access to thank social media networks, targeting ideal customer have never been simpler (more simple).

If you are a new business owner, you likely know the tool well that establishing a strong social media presence  is a must. like any marketing tool, however, social media it’s useful only when it’s used to  effectively. just posting a cute picture of your cat with your brand logo up with a corner won’t cut it.

1- Having your target

every startup needs a business plan and your plan for using social media needs to be part of it. the keys to setting a goal for social media for identifying your target customer, then determining where to find them.

2- Not using metric

having a target helps only if you measure how well you’re hitting it. with tools like facebook, instagram, and twitter analytics, you can track how customers treat a specific post.

3- Using many platforms

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of launching your brand, and join every site available. trying to juggle facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, snapchat, and a partridge in a pear tree will lead only to burnout.

4- Posting the same content

copying and pasting is spammers, not entrepreneurs. another reason to start small is so that you can adapt and optimize your content to the conventions of each platform.

5- Losing out of traffic

make sure you are posting when your base is online. according to buffer social, facebook engagement rates are highest on thursdays and fridays and a weekly low on saturdays.

6- Writing too much

The good things you have to say about a startup could fill an encyclopedia, but on social media, less is more. facebook posts with 250 characters or less get 66 percent, and although all tweets are necessarily short.

7- Missing hashtags

hashtags help cut down on characters and craft target exploration of a brand. twitter with hashtags is double the engagement and the photo caption crammed with hashtags are less likely to be read.

8- Not paying attention to visuals

The visual marketing effects is well known.150 percent more often are reposted tweets with photos, and facebook posts with photos get 2.3 times more exposure than their text-only version. instead, use high-quality photos, infographics and videos to get your game up.

9- Encouraging your boi

On sites like instagram your boi is potential customers see. successful businesses combine necessary information with creative flair to make their brands stand out. describe the values behind your company in a few brief words, show the human side of your business with a photo of your team used to demonstrate how to use your product.

10- Not responding to customer

every company gets complaints from time to time when a customer posts an angry message on social media, the rest of your customers see how you handle it. it will only make the matter worse if you ignore  the complaint, delete negative comments or post a rude and rude reply.

11- Not asking for customer feedback

The customer respond best when given a number of options. post open-ended questions to get a dialogue stated in the comment section, create polls and surveys for anonymous feedback or from a focus using google+circle or facebook live q&a.

12- Promoting too much

While it may seem counterintuitive, promoting your business too much can backfire. if you sell a line of protein supplements, for example, link to news articles about nutrition, share your favorite smoothie recipes and post photos of you and your protein-fueled kids crossing the finish line at your local.

13- Lacking engagement

Growing your business requires connecting with like-minded individuals via private messaging, commenting, or sharing their content, not just pushing your own. social media doesn’t work if you don’t socialize.

14- Not creating a social media policy

Every company needs a written code of conduct for its social media users. profanity and racist or sexist language are clearly problematic, but you should also consider the values of your base. if your company sells vegan-friendly clothing, for example, avoid posting a selfie with a plate of chicken wings.

15- Not hiring a social media manager

The answer may be that you can’t resist the temptation to enlist your tech-savvy teenage nephew or your already- swamped secretary and instead hire a professional. look  for another applicant with technological background, writing skills, marketing experience and entrepreneurial vision to take your startup’s social media to the next level.

21 Beautiful Negative Space Logos

21 Beautiful Negative Space Logos

In today’s post, we feature a series of beautiful negative space logo by polish designer jacek janiczak. these logos were created in adobe illustrator. we use a pure black-and-white palette that feels smoothing and gives them a nice minimalist touch. you can check it out below!