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How sralanh smart store social media presence grew with zooms design

About Client: We strive at providing customers with quality products from reliable sources, make our customer feel secures after purchase by offering warranties and provide exceptional in-store and online customer service to ensure everybody in Cambodia have access to our product with our national delivery service. With customer satisfaction being our top priority, we take feedback seriously and implements them quickly for the best customer experience. Our associate are key players into providing the best experience for our customers, that’s why we make sure to care for them as our family.

To ensure we have reliable source, we build great bonds with our global suppliers to ensure long-term committed relationships.

Industry: Sralanh smart store is a e-commerce platform that provide electronic.

Assignment: After a month of working with zooms design, sralanh smart store quickly realised that it would more than pay for the freelancer, request could now be submitted much more easily, without the need for close supervision, Even better, the company adn their dedicated designers- they communicate like family. 

Unlike many other online subscriptions, Zooms design system is smart, it has a dedicated assistant to support them with the dedicated designer. even better, a whole customer support team is available for any questions. so sralanh smart store doesn’t have to deal with common managerial woes, sralanh smart store can noweasily submit requests, mark them according to urgency and receive finished designs in an organised way. 

Targets: They aim to serve everybody with a reliable, high-quality products in Cambodia. 

Goals: To become the number 1 recognised electronic accessory store both online and in-store, in Cambodia.


If you are looking for a way to boost your marketing in graphic design, Zooms design is the best choice for affordable and reliable. We’d love to have you try.

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